The 20-year-old Asterhof resident who fell from the third-storey window of Xayata on Sunday morning (15 April) has been released from hospital and is recuperating at home.

Director of Security Services, Colin Fouché, said that she is safe and with her family. He told Perdeby that the university is following the proper institutional processes and that an investigation into the particulars of the situation is underway. He added, “We are trying to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident. We would like to give the involved student time to recuperate while in the care of her family. Therefore, we would not like to jump to unfounded conclusions with reference to this event.”

An anonymous source claims he saw the student go into the third floor bathroom of the Xayata residence and lock herself in. Two minutes later, people heard her scream.

However, Fouché maintains that there was no foul play and that there is no information available suggesting it was a suicide attempt. He said that the university has not had the opportunity to speak to the Asterhof girl, who is the only person able to give clarity on the circumstances.

When approached, the Asterhof Primaria refused to comment, saying that any official statements would be made by TuksRes. Perdeby is still waiting for an official statement from TuksRes.

SRC President Mthokozisi Nkosi said, “The SRC is very concerned about the recent events happening at the Hatfield campus, where students harm themselves when they feel overwhelmed about their personal issues.” The SRC is investigating how the Asterhof student gained access to Xayata before dawn, and whether security at the residence is sufficient.

Despite recent events, Fouché guarantees that students on campus are safe and that there is “no anarchy” to worry about. Regarding the incident at Xayata, he promised that the investigation will not be left unfinished.

Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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