On the Varsity Cricket Day 2 played on 30 January, Assupol TuksCricket won their second match of the tournament by beating the Madibaz by 36 runs. Rubin Trumpelmann won the FNB Best Bowler award, Donovan Ferreira was awarded the Steers Best Catch award, and Brand was awarded both the Samsung Player of the Match and the FNB Best Batsman award.

On the Varsity Cricket Day 4, the team faced off UCT CC, securing their spot in the semi-final with 57 runs against the Capetonians. Hermann won the Steers Best Catch award while Tony de Zorzi was the Samsung Man of the Match and the FNB Best Batsman of the match for his fantastic 101 runs.

Assupol TuksCricket clashed with UJ in the semi-final with a fantastic 54 runs. Tuks swept past UJ with a whopping 185/4 score to UJ’s 131 all out. Assupol TuksCricket swept up all the awards. Gideon Pieters was awarded the Samsung Man of the Match and the FNB Best Bowler award while de Zorzi was the FNB Best Batsman. de Zorzi (66 off 55) alongside Brand (40 off 33) played a pivotal role in bagging Assupol TuksCricket’s success. Katleho Bala got the Steers Best Catch award. Having lost to NWU Pukke on 30 January by 20 runs, The UP team’s brilliant semi-final play was a needed confidence boost to secure TuksSport’s first win for the year by stripping NWU Pukke of their Varsity Cricket champions title.


Image: Sally Hartzenberg

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