Another myth surrounding art films is that they revolve mostly around adult themes. The truth is that many art films tend to be more dramatic in nature, while also dealing with real-life issues. Most art films do tend to lean more towards the drama genre, however there are several which dabble in other genres. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is an excellent example of an art film which also lends itself heavily to science fiction, a factor which has helped transform it into a cult classic. Art films do not necessarily have to be small-budget productions either. Films such as Cloud Atlas and The Tree of Life are among several art films with extensive budgets.

The myth that sends most potential viewers running is that all art films are unbearably long and laborious to watch. As a matter of fact, several short art films are scattered across the internet and are much less intimidating than one would think. In 1929, Spanish director Luis Buñuel and famous artist Salvador Dalí collaborated to produce one of the most well-known short art films, Un Chien Andalou. Although exceptionally disturbing and unsettling, the film is only 21 minutes long and is regarded as a surrealist masterpiece.

Art films are not just for scholars or an elite group of viewers, and they are often overlooked by the general public even though they have the potential to be appreciated by a much wider audience than the niche market they were originally intended for.



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