Las Vegas, and other locations around America, is home to the so-called “Barcades” or arcades acting as full-service bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In essence, these arcades have come of age with their patrons, making arcade games as popular as ever.

Many people are also opting to have arcade machines installed in their own homes to build their own private arcades. It offers arcade game aficionados an opportunity to hold on to their youth, while also giving the arcade industry a significant boost. Older arcade machines are modernised for home use and some of these modern machines offer up to 80 games on one machine where as older machines only offered one game, which makes these machines much more cost effective.

Arcade games fit perfectly within the age of the phenomenon of social gaming. Where newer gaming consoles treat the concept of social gaming in a more virtual manner by using online gameplay, arcade games give social gaming a much more literal meaning – it offers people the chance to come together and interact with one another, creating a sense of true community among these arcade gamers.

Arcades and arcade games have adapted to the modern lifestyles of their users, making sure that arcade culture does not die out, but is instead renewed and given a more contemporary guise.

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