Ienkmelodienk, the annual first year song and dance performance, which took place on 26 January in the Amfitheatre, brought the brilliant, the average and the not-so-talented out of the residences this year. Seniors were proud, parents were crying and the judges just could not stop smiling.

Curlitzia stole the show, proving that they are not all brains. It was no surprise that Kollege delivered something … far from ordinary. It was, however, amusing to be reminded that Kollege loves drinking, women and of course, Kollege. Boekenhout entertained the crowd with a western fight scene and Vividus ladies brought colour with their polka dot skirts. Taaibos kept the crowd laughing with their clown theme and had people at the edge of their seats with their last stunt. The two first years effortlessly swinging another four first years through the air was the highlight of the show.

There are always those one or two songs sung by almost every res and by the end of the night the tune is permanently stuck in your head. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance was still being hummed at 02:00 in the morning. Speaking of music, due credit must be given to the bands. Although the dancing is what people watch, the band brings it all together. Sonop’s band will probably have fully devoted groupies after their performance.

The judges included Tanya Schoeman, Johan Esterhuizen, Marcus Desandro, Johan Abrie, Lynda Power, John-Henry Opperman and Eagan Williamson. What were the judges looking for? While speaking to them at the pre-party held by Burgandy’s restaurant on campus it was easy to see judgement would be made based on the overall vibe. “Students are young and here to have fun. We want to see that fun and spirit of togetherness,” said Williamson.

Stuku made sure the mark system was professional, making use of in two external auditors, Nallette de la Rey and Shikara Streczynski, who tallied the marks and delivered the judgement.

Perdeby just has one last question, where did Olienhout find the shirtless guy with the chainsaw? He should be on campus cutting down trees more often.

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