“Let it go” slows down the tempo of the album with its relaxing melody. This track sees the lead singer dealing with a tough but necessary break-up. The song’s slow tempo does not hinder the album but rather advances it, showing that Prides are capable of producing more than one sound. “Same mistakes” takes a cue from “Let it go,” doing away with the 80s synths in favour of a simple guitar and drum production which works with the song’s lyrics, which see Brock reflecting on what caused his previous relationships to fail and how he needs to change. 

“Out of the blue” brings back the synths and energy from the first half of the album. The track’s catchy chorus, thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melody make it  stand out on an already incredible album. The album closes off with “The kite string and the anchor rope,” a deeply moving song about long-lasting love which employs a warm but dark piano melody as its only source of accompaniment, making it a fitting finale to the album.

Prides have crafted a fantastic debut album with The Way Back Up. Their combination of synths inspired by music of the 80s with modern-day production and subject matter culminates in an enjoyable and memorable album.

Rating: 4/5


Image: diymag.com

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