Lead singer of OK Go, Damian Kulash brings a melodic facet to the album and marries it with the instrumental arrangements. The synchronicity of a well put-together project of mild tempo and synth riffs keeps you from skipping through a compilation of songs that are a repetition of the same themes of love and failing relationships.

The production and technical aspects are what stand out on this album more than anything. Fusions of techno, groove and electronica mashed into the alternative rock sound that the band is known for is what makes Hungry Ghosts an enjoyable listen. One of the most memorable songs on the album is “The great fire” with it’s synth-driven, electronic sound. “I won’t let you down” seems like a sound bite from a Jamiroquai songand“Obsession” will definitely be a crowd-pleaser this year as the song has a captivating dance rhythm.

The song “Lullaby” lacks depth in such a way that it is the only song which stands out in a negative way. The generic, Eurocentric nature and feel of Hungry Ghosts does not make it sound like anything that has ever been done before, however, what is appealing is thatthere is a distinct difference between this project and their previous release Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Overall, Hungry Ghostsmight prove to be an acquired taste and will only begin to grow on listeners after several plays.

OK Go. Image: wikipedia.org.

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