Jenkins uses imagery from his previously released mixtapes. His album positions water and love together to form “a healing component”, spreading love, light and in that way healing the world. Jenkins uses water as a symbol for soothing and healing, as well as a focus on nature’s way of healing.

Some tracks to look out for on the album include “Spread love”, which is significantly smooth and features a tribute to a Bollywood sound and well-placed elements of blues music.

“Drowning” references Eric Garner, oppression and Jenkins’s battle with addiction. This track also plays with imagery of drowning which is used to bring to light the reality of oppression and addiction.

“Daniels bloom” tells the story of religion as love. Throughout the album Jenkins uses different kinds of love and love in different forms to encourage healing and a general sense of empathy and compassion towards one another.

The Healing Component comes together as a story about love as opposed to a compilation of love songs. The presence of spoken word at the opening and closing of specific songs on the album humanises what is being sung about. It brings to light Jenkins’s personal views on love and puts into context the meaning behind the album. The elements of voice encourage a connection between Jenkins and the listeners, and feel more like a conversation with Jenkins himself than merely an album in a CD player.




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