“Outlier” takes listeners on a journey through sound. The seven-minute track progresses through a galloping intro into sounds reminiscent of Bonobo’s North Borders efforts. After a short breakdown, the track ends with an ethereal down tempo harp-influenced piece.

The album features some talented vocalists, transforming a delicate production into songs that can be listened to by anyone. One of the highlights has to be “No Reason” featuring Nick Murphy, also known as Chet Faker. Although not as complex as the other songs Migration has to offer, Bonobo’s production of the song and Murphy’s vocals create a track that could easily be played at a party.

The album does not disappoint with Bonobo’s typical use of basslines. The track “Bambro Koyo Ganda” featuring Innov Gnawa, while relatively noisy, shows Bonobo’s subtlety when it comes to basslines. The track also brings an authenticity that is rare in electronic music.

Overall, Migration is an album that both music enthusiasts as well as complete novices can listen to and enjoy.




Image: billboard.com

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