You’ve recently released a new single, “Bungalow”. Would you say that this track signifies growth in your sound?

[Definitely]. We have started working very closely with Francois de Klerk to get our tracks sounding as huge and energetic as they do in our heads. We just want to get people moving and grooving.


The single was also coupled with an interesting music video. What was the concept behind it?

The idea was just to have wildly different characters existing and participating in the same space and bringing the sass like it was 1999. Of course to pull that off we needed bodybuilders, gymnasts and martial arts stunt men. Naturally.


“Bungalow” features an intricate duet by band members Tessa and Julia Johnson. Did it make for an interesting recording experience?

It made for an extremely interesting recording process. [After] that was done we had all grown emotionally and spiritually closer. We all experienced a duet of our own that night. A duet of emotion.


You’ll be playing at The Great Escape festival in the UK in May. Would you say that the prospect of performing for international audiences is somehow more daunting than performing locally?

Not really. If it’s a big show we just get super excited so we don’t actually get nervous. Maybe that will change when we are over there but for now the idea of performing to a new audience overseas is getting us way too giddy. The backstage better have enough space for cartwheels and handstands.


You recently released a two-minute short film with David East which documents your performance at Kirstenbosch. Looking at the film, does it bring back any fond memories of the performance?

[Yes], David is such a dream. We didn’t give him a brief of what to film, we just set him free in the gardens and we didn’t see him again [until] after the show. I think he managed to capture the show perfectly: the people, the gorgeous setting, the energy and, of course, the love. We are all about the love. We were so focused on nailing the show that we missed a lot of what was going on, so David’s film was perfect.


You also post mini-documentaries to YouTube called The Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre. What inspired you to start recording these videos?

We are getting to go on the most futuristic adventures, and we just thought why not film it so everyone can come along for the ride you know, everybody love everybody? So we hired the best man in the game, Luke Nelson, and we now work together with him and release monthly episodes of The Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre. We do it more for ourselves but people are now starting to catch onto them, which is really lovely.


You’ll be performing at Freedom Fest in both Pretoria and Cape Town. What can festival-goers expect from your performances there?

The time of their lives. A platform for them to dance, flirt and maybe kiss a ten.


Image: Caroline Mackintosh

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