At the meeting Afriforum explained their five viewpoints. Afriforum’s first view is that the youth should be exempt from affirmative action. They also believe that mother tongue education should be promoted while political interference in education should be prevented. The last two views of Afriforum are the support of healthy student traditions and that youth should be equipped with skills and knowledge. At the meeting, Afriforum introduced their theme for 2015, which is to be “instantly ready”.


Beineke said that Afriforum is “ready for the year 2015 and, whatever stuff comes our way, we will be ready to handle it and be the voice of the student.”


Afriforum’s year plan is orientated toward preserving culture, specifically Afrikaans culture, and student traditions. Afriforum plans to hold quiz evenings in April about language, history, sport and movies. They will also host “a few lectures by one of the history professors at UP so that members can learn and actively engage with history through group discussions”, explained Beineke.


In May, Afriforum will launch their “Afrikaans is 90 years old” campaign which will celebrate Afrikaans as a language. As part of upholding healthy student traditions, Afriforum have included Lentedag (Spring Day) and Pot & Pons as part of their year plan.


At the end of the meeting members had the opportunity to ask questions about the organisation and its views on issues. Members raised questions about the Student Forum and how Afriforum handled it.

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