What can festivalgoers expect from your set?

A good combo of original stuff, as well as some interesting cover choices, which may or may not include me trying my hand at rapping.


You’re associated with Flint, Meet Spark. Have you found much difference between playing in a group and playing solo?

It’s definitely very different. I have much more control of the sounds, as well as the dynamic obviously, since it’s just me now. So there’s a lot more freedom in that sense. It’s also a little more unnerving – being the only person on stage is something to get used to. There are positive and negative things about playing solo. I’m glad I get to do both.


Do you prefer playing at smaller venues, or in larger festival atmospheres?

I think smaller venues are incredible for songwriters, because people really get to focus on the words more. Also, it’s much more of an intimate setup. This will be my first festival as a solo act, so I’m not sure what that atmosphere will be like, but I’m curious to find out!


Do you have any new music in the pipeline?

Yes, I’ve been writing some new songs, which I’ll start incorporating into my set soon!


Where did you draw your lyrical inspiration from for your tracks “Sailor’s draw” and “Sojourner”?

Both are exaggerated versions of experiences from my own life. “Sailor’s draw” is about things falling apart and the will to start again, and “Sojourner” is a love story about a wanderer who finds someone worth staying for.


Why did you choose to perform “Sojourner” live on your YouTube channel?

It was all a bit of a whim – the way that whole song and video came together. We thought a live recording would be a much better way to capture what [the drummer] and I had going. We also were working with a deadline, so the live recording made sense at the time. It’ll be an incredible song to try put together and record in studio though, which I definitely plan to do!


Image: Jean de Villiers

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