It is no doubt that album’s sales will mostly be driven by their boy-next-door image, claiming the money of eager teenage girls and hopefuls who expected their album to be the pop-rock sound they delivered on The X Factor.

Being placed fourth on the show and returning with an album in less than seven months is quite impressive. The album features ten original tracks and a cover of the Matiyahu song “One Day”. Yet it is still easy to hear that Nothing to Lose is a project that was not given time to mature to perfection.

The lyrics, for example, are flat and simple. It is hard to believe the low quality of the lyrics when big names like Carl Flak, Evan Bogart, Kool Kojak, Max Martin and Ross Golan worked on them.

The musical composition is also not as great as it should be. Some tracks sound empty and incomplete, while others sound overcrowded and too dynamic.

Despite the drawbacks, songs like “3000 Miles”, “I Wish” and “Sunset Blvd” are worth giving credit to. But Emblem3 will have to start working on their next album and make it a masterpiece to restore the faith their fans had in them. Considering how young the members are, they may still have time to resurrect themselves as successful musicians.

Rating: 1.5/5


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