Food, summer and music are some of the things in life that youngsters love. Listening to this CD is like eating a rainbow; it is full of international talent, colours, cultures and languages.

Picnic Playground is an album released in July 2009 by Putumayo Kids, a division of Putumayo World Music. Putumayo as Qa whole is committed to entertaining children (and adults) with international music. This is not only to expose them to other cultures via music, but also to enrich their lives with foot-tapping rhythms and engaging lyrics.

Putumayo Kids has sold more than 3 million CDs and Picnic Playground is the newest addition to the Playground series. The company not only entertains, but also helps the community by donating at least 1% of their sales to non-profit organisations.

The album is alive with music in languages from across the world, ranging from English and French to German and Danish. The songs have funny lyrics and upbeat rhythms which are bound to inspire children and even young adults. The main theme of the album is food. Song titles include “Bowl of Cherries”, “Ice Cream” and “Let’s bake cookies”.  Some of the lyrics are so joyful and descriptive that it puts a smile on your face and you simply want to rush to the kitchen to get delicious food.

Although the CD is for children, adults will also find it enjoyable. The album is not for hardcore punk rockers or pop fans, however, as its style is unconventional. If diverse, sunny and upbeat music sounds appealing to you, try it – it may surprise you with a basket full of treats.

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