The beginning

Linkin Park’s first album, Hybrid Theory, was released in 2000. This and their second album, Meteora – released in 2003 – have very similar sounds. Both feature Linkin Park’s now-iconic combination of rock, alternative, and Hip-Hop. With Chester Bennington’s vocals and Mike Shinoda’s rapping, they fused to become the perfect hybrid. Some of the biggest hits from these include “In the end”, “Papercut”, “Numb”, and “Breaking the habit”. Between these two studio albums was a remix of Hybrid Theory, taking form as a Hip-Hop interpretation of the first album, aptly named Reanimation.

The first changes

Their Collision Course EP – a collaboration with Jay Z – was released in 2004. This EP is similar to Reanimation, featuring a Hip-Hop flavour. Minutes to Midnight was the next studio album, released in 2007. Shinoda defended the new sound saying, “It just felt like if we did the same thing a third tim e we’d be stuck doing that forever”. This album is not as heavy as its predecessors, abandoning the “nu-metal” labels. This album is more punk than rock, but still has Hip-Hop undercurrents. Some of the biggest tracks on this album include “Bleed it out” , “What I’ve done”, and “The little things give you away”.

A thousand suns, a thousand changes

A Thousand Suns saw yet another drastic change with its release in 2010. This album focuses more on instrumental and electronic use than the previous hip-hop sound. Living Things, 2012’s album, followed the same pattern. With tracks like “Iridescent”, “Castle of glass” and “Powerless”, fans accepted the more “mellow” Linkin Park, while tracks like “Lies Greed Misery” delivered a sufficient dose of heavier stuff. Living Things was also given a makeover with the album Recharged, transforming the album into an electric revamp.

The latest version

The last album Linkin Park released, The Hunting Party, came out in 2014. This album is less instrumental and electronic than the previous two, and is a lot more guitar-heavy. There is also more Hip-Hop laced in with the rock, reminding fans of where the band came from. Notable tracks from this album include “Guilty all the same” and “Until it’s gone”.



Image: Michelle Hartzenberg

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