The first step is to familiarise yourself with the card colours used in Magic, namely white, black, blue, red and green. A deck is constructed using one or a combination of these colours, depending on the characteristics a player has in mind for a deck. For instance, white cards offer characters who are strong as a group, whereas green cards offer characters who are strong on their own. While black is the colour which strives to win at all costs, blue and red use logic to gain control of an opponent’s cards, and so win the game.

A basic Magic deck consists of 60 cards: 24 land cards and 36 other cards. Land cards are also referred to as “mana”. A certain amount of mana is needed to play certain cards. Each card has its own unique advantages, and will vary in cost (both mana-wise and money-wise).

While the game does have some very intricate rules, once the rules are understood the game becomes enjoyable and even addictive. “Intro decks” are excellent for beginners, and card databases are available on the internet if a player wants to purchase cards with specific traits. Tournaments are usually attended by both advanced players or by very brave newbies, but casual games between friends can be just as exciting and rewarding.

As you gain experience in the game, it will become easier to see which cards are useful and which ones aren’t. While it may be a case of trial and error, Magic is a worthwhile hobby to pursue for all gamers.

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