This game is a free arena third person shooter with multiple game modes, cartoony wound models and fully customisable weapons. Have you ever wanted a beam weapon that fires lightning? What about a fully automatic rocket launcher that explodes into eight smaller bombs on impact? Or a rifle that heals people when you shoot them with it? All of this and more is possible in Loadout.

Dungeons of Dredmor

This turn-based role playing game (RPG) features simplistic sprite-based graphics, unforgiving gameplay, randomly generated dungeons and an in-depth crafting system. Dredmor takes you on a quest to defeat the eponymous dark lord who was locked deep beneath the earth many years ago. The game’s wicked sense of humour is engaging, and due to its procedurally generated nature has near infinite replay value.


Warframe is a free third person action game where you essentially play as a space ninja. Gameplay consists of a group of players cooperating to complete many varied objectives to gain components for crafting. The game comes with some basic warframes, but more can be purchased with Platinum, which can be bought with real money. This is not entirely necessary, but can reduce the repetitive grind that the game sometimes falls into.

The Binding of Isaac

A notoriously difficult top-down RPG/shooter hybrid, The Binding of Issac is well known for its demented art style and story. You play as Isaac, a child whose mother goes insane and begins hearing an ethereal voice which demands a sacrifice. Isaac escapes into the basement where he encounters devilish enemies, fiendish traps, and eventually his own mother. The basement contains dark secrets and Isaac must resort to changing his own form in order to combat the evil that lurks in the shadows.

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game

This sprite based platformer, coded in flash, is renowned for being the most difficult game ever created. You play as The Kid, who wants to be The Guy. You become The Guy by killing the previous Guy. In order to reach The Guy, the player must traverse a tower filled with dangerous obstacles. Even the apples, which occasionally ignore gravity, are untrustworthy. The game is based on jumping from platform to platform and avoiding danger, which extends to the ground itself. It provides an incredibly fun, possibly masochistic, experience.


Illustration: Johann van Tonder

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