I suspect what I’m about to say is the result of a growing apathy, and maybe it is selfish of me, and maybe I’m going to offend some people I don’t really mind offending, but I’m going to need the residences across from the Square to stop whining about noise.

I want to party.

I only have a few months left on campus and I find myself increasingly determined to savour every student experience I have before it’s all over and I have to be all big and grown up and have a job and pay taxes and do other icky things like that.

So when I find that the number of times I will be able to party in Aandklas is decreasing rapidly and then find that I can’t even do that properly because they’re playing the music so softly that the vibe has essentially crawled into the corner and died, it upsets me.

All this because the residences are apparently complaining about noise. Living across from the Square has its perks, I’m sure. The proximity means you don’t have to drive and can walk home very safely. The residences take advantage of these perks, no doubt. But you can’t have the good without the bad (a life lesson we all have to learn, girls and boys). So just accept that the benefit of proximity comes with the disadvantage of living next to a noisy place. You can’t have you cake and eat it too. Buy earplugs or move to a res that isn’t so close to the Square or go and study in the library, but stop pissing on other people’s parades. Please?

You’ll see we’ve published a retraction related to a photo we published last week of a security guard sleeping on campus. UP has subsequently claimed this isn’t a security guard, but a courier. They base this on the fact that his orange-yellow bib doesn’t have the required logo on the back, but I’ve seen many security guards walking around without that logo on the back of their bibs. And why would a courier would be taking a nap on campus? Seems unlikely to little old me. But we can’t verify it either way and because we can’t prove that they are wrong we’ve printed the correction. I remain unconvinced though, just to make my feelings about it clear.

A sleeping security guard seems more funny than embarrassing to me, but the unyielding UP PR machine didn’t seem to like it at all. Eish.

Anyway, apart from that we’ve got a few cool things for you to check out. The Tuks Olympians are back and we’ve got the first in a series of interviews with them on the back page. We’ve also finally reviewed 50 Shades of Grey. I don’t agree with the review’s opinion myself, but I’m a literature snob, so don’t mind me. Also check out the top ten: it gets creepy, yo.

Do you know the muffin man?



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