I had an unsteady week last week, for various reasons. After the longest holiday known to studentdom, I found it disconcerting to be back in class.

I also found out, while doing some innocent and completely unrelated stalking on Facebook, that Justin Bieber fans have dubbed themselves “Beliebers”, which upset me so much that my flatmate had to spend the night consoling me, and reassuring me that there was still some coolness left in the world. Then, while walking in a shopping centre (which shall remain nameless for legal reasons) I saw five (count them: five!) signs which had either used apostrophes to denote plurals or had used no apostrophes at all, even where they really should have been used. Now, am I a grammar Nazi? Yes, of course. I have to be. I am the editor of a newspaper, after all. But seriously? Plurals? The rules of apostrophes can be confusing (when you’re five), but never ever ever would they (ever) be used for plurals. So I would like to use this opportunity to ask the people who wrote/made/edited those signs: why don’t you believe in apostrophes? I would really like to know.

Thankfully, we believe in apostrophes here at Perdeby, and this week we have them in a few awesome articles. We take a look at the latest action from the Varsity Cup games, we predict who will win Oscars and we even have an article on campus fashion through the decades. Then, on a much more serious note, we explore the realities around pregnancy at university and where to get help if you don’t know where to turn. Lastly, we take a look at the recent court orders against Aandklas and Spingbok bar (see the front page). It’s the start of a complex issue which we’ll be covering extensively throughout the year. But personally, not having enough music to be able to dance on the tables at Aandklas makes me very, very sad.


Be safe, kids.



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