“The Talent Evening has become tradition and is really important to the faculty in many ways. It is an opportunity for health sciences students to showcase their various talents in other fields,’’ said Pulse cultural committee chairperson Bronwyn Krause. She added, “It is also a chance for lecturers and other students to enjoy a completely student organised event and appreciate the diversity that we have within our faculty. It gives us an artistic outlet to strive to live balanced lives.”

The standard of talent was high and the procession of the show was seamless.

The organised evening provided a variety of talent, from Indian, hip-hop and ballroom dances, to classical music pieces such as Pequeña Czarda and modern mash-ups of familiar favourites.

Rubber Duc, an up-and-coming band known for their humour and energy, were the MCs of the evening. Rubber Duc also entertained the audience by throwing yellow rubber ducks at the audience, parodying a Top Billing presenter and performing their hit “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

The evening was successful and was aided by the enthusiastic and encouraging audience.

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