Nothing exciting or thrilling happened last week for me to write about and I sat in front of my computer for hours waiting for words that were not forthcoming.

I couldn’t merely make something up and rant about that. I know some people think that that’s how this works but it really doesn’t. Something needs to happen or something needs to have made an impression on me. That is where editorials take root.

This week though, I’ve come up empty. What do I write about? What do I share with our readers this week? Should I write about Chaucer, seeing that I have a big assignment about The Canterbury Tales due this week? Should I write about how chaotic life is? Or how these holidays aren’t much of a break with all the assignments due first thing next term?


I have nothing. It’s in moments like these that I want to be 12 years old and stuck in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Especially if Johnny Depp is there. I’m not sure where this thought originated from. Maybe it is all the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies surrounding us in every department store. Easter came really early for them this year. I might even venture so far as to say that I saw the first bunch of Easter delights before the “I love you” lollipops for Valentine’s Day.

Maybe certain shops were just excited to showcase those 1kg Lindt chocolate bunnies. Have you seen those things? What intrigued me though was not that it was a huge chocolate bunny – I’m not five years old anymore. What I immediately thought about was how much that chocolate bunny must cost.

Do you know how much? R500. R500. Well, R499.95, but still. It’s only chocolate. You can buy 25 slabs of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate for that price. That is 4.5kg of chocolate instead of 1kg of chocolate. If you can afford that chocolate bunny then you have too much money. There. I’ve said it. But someone had to. And what are you paying for really? The brand? I’m not sure what I’m more shocked about: the fact that Lindt actually made a huge chocolate bunny or the fact that someone figured consumers would be dumb enough to buy a huge chocolate bunny. It’s like Jersey Shore. What’s worse? The fact that someone gave them a TV show or the fact that people watched it?

Moving on, Perdeby was at RAMfest this weekend, which is why we are sitting in the office on a Sunday. If this is not proof of our dedication to our readers I don’t know what is. If you weren’t able to make it (sometimes sacrifices have to be made to follow the dirt road to Oppikoppi) you can read our exclusive interviews on pages 6 and 7. Our news team also kicked it up a notch this week. They’ve had a rough couple of weeks but I think they’ve made amends. Read what students think about food outlets on campus on page 4 in our Perdebate. We also have some important information for you about UP Beats on page 5.

Unfortunately we ran out of space for a Fun and Games page this week, but after the holidays I promise its return, along with Sudoku.

Enjoy the small break and Happy Easter.


PS: Oh yeah? Is right? Right now? Today? – that is for our web editor Nolwazi Mngadi.

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