The first week of university is finally over. All students are back and like all first working weeks after a long holiday it was a tough one.

This is generally the week when many of us realise that those extra subjects we registered for might be too much to handle. It has become painfully apparent that adaptation, evolution even, is necessary to survive the year. And the metamorphosis from holiday goer to working student is a painful one. These early mornings are not our friends, and neither is the limited parking. Not to mention the anxiety attacks that come on regularly when you think about the year ahead, or when you are handed a study guide and it might as well be a textbook. Or maybe that is just me.

The irony is that behind this busy academic week was a very quiet news week on campus. Until Thursday that is, when the Oscar Pistorius story broke on Twitter. See our front page for details. The second most exciting thing that happened was the Varsity Cup match last week Monday which was surprisingly anti-climatic thanks to small crowds and the absence of alcohol. Anarchy, I tell you. The Perdeby editorial went to go support the team, but we had to make our way to Aandklas afterwards to prevent withdrawal symptoms. It was quite the game, but I think we would all have enjoyed it more if there were beer (especially our head copy editor, Jaco Kotze).

We’ve taken note of your queries surrounding Varsity Cup tickets. This week our sport team will be finding out why Varsity Cup has decided to charge students to watch the matches this year. If you have any questions or comments on the matter tweet @perdebynews or tweet our Sport editor Maxine Twaddle (@MissMax6). They’ll be bringing you the scoop around the decision soon.

Despite the transitional phase, we’ve managed to put together another edition. We have the facts about the graduate tax on page four, and we take a look at gun control laws on page six. Go have a look at our review with Bittereinder on page nine and read about our first win in the Varsity Cup on page 12.

And don’t forget about Perdeby’s Daily Roundup, where we bring you international and local news daily.

Stay strong, we’ll get used to this working business soon enough.


PS: This is the last week for applications to join Perdeby. The application form can be found on page seven. You can also download the form from our website and email it to perdeby@ Feel free to apply, we don’t bite (much).

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