Congratulations to Tuks for winning the Varsity Cup for the second consecutive year.

This was one of those moments where our publication schedule really irked me. Our front page with Tuks holding up the Varsity Cup trophy would really have made an amazing front cover if this paper was published last week Tuesday. But unfortunately we can’t always get what we want.

I still decided to publish this photo on the front page despite its being a week old. Last year, while I was news editor, we published a lot of articles about the SRC (that’s the Student Representative Council that has been replaced by the Temporary Student Committee until Student Parliament elections can be held, for those who don’t know. We explained the whole situation in an article a while ago. You can go find it on our website, if you’re curious) and their elections and even published a profile about the president. I assumed then that people knew who he was. This was in March, after all. But I think that students get lost in their own world sometimes because in October, two girls walked passed an SRC poster (which had also been around for a while by then) and said, “Hey we have a black SRC president – that’s great.”

I was shocked. Not by their statement but because that news only reached them several months later, even though we’d been publishing comments from the same SRC president for the whole year. Those girls must have been living under a rock. But I digress.

Remembering this has eased my conscience about the Varsity Cup front page. Partly because I’m sure that there are a few people who don’t know that we won and it’s our job as the media to inform the public. Partly because I’m really glad that we won and I enjoy rubbing it in Maties’s face. A defeat on their home soil. That must have hurt.

The only thing that would have made this victory sweeter for me would have been if TriBeCa didn’t run out of chai last week. Chai lattes, along with coffee, are the staple drink of the Perdeby team’s diet. Oh, and alcohol. How could I forget that?

Pssst… is back on page 10 this week. The funny thing about Pssst… is that it’s probably one of the most controversial things we publish. People are often upset with us because of what is said in Pssst…, but when we don’t publish it we get complaints from people that it wasn’t included in that week’s paper. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

We also asked the university about their quota system on page 3 and have an interview with The Hollow Body on page 9. There are other interesting things in this week’s paper as well – go have a look. What else are you going to do in those boring lectures?

Until next week


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