There is this unknown phenomenon at university.

I like to call it the mid-semester slump. See, there are two in every year. One per semester – blame students for what you will, but favouritism is not one of our vices.

Whenever a semester starts there is an overwhelming amount of students on campus, all eager and determined to be studious. Then the semester drags on and by March the numbers start to dwindle. Semester tests and exams generally cause another influx, but other than that, campus becomes liveable for a while. The second semester generally follows the same pattern. I, however, generally look forward to these calmer times, because let’s be honest, sometimes it feels like there are too many people on campus.

This year is different though. In fact, the last two years have been very different. In my first year the pattern was quite prominent. As the semesters progressed the library became emptier and finding parking was easier. Last year the pattern was less defined, but still noticeable. This year, however, I don’t see the pattern at all. I have to commend you all, really. Your staying power this year is rather inspiring.

I’m not entirely sure what sparked the sudden commitment. Or maybe I’m just imagining things. It could be that the number of students has merely increased in the last couple of years and that is why it seems like campus is not calming down. Whatever the reason, kudos to those of you who have become model students. Although I wouldn’t mind a smaller horde of people migrating through the tunnel at the Piazza every day.

This week we published a smaller edition. I like to think of it as fun sized. We downscaled this week because our camp was coming up. Usually we send the paper to the printers on Friday nights. Seeing that we were away from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, we had to send this edition to the printers on Thursday night. Therefore, our camp was this past weekend, even though you’re only reading this now. Confusing right? Try having to write with this production schedule in mind.

Perdeby camp is great. It’s not one of those high school camps where people think that crawling through mud is having a good time. We hired new staff recently and this is their opportunity to meet the whole team. There will be training, but here at Perdeby we know how to mix business and pleasure.

For example, go to page 7 for our RAMfest competition. We have two sets of double tickets to give away for the festival this coming weekend. All you have to do is send us a photo of yourself head banging or playing air guitar.

If you’d still like to join Perdeby (we have epic socials – ask all the newbies, they might remember what happened) our applications for News, Sport and Features are still open. Application forms can be found on our website:

Until next time.


PS: Give yourself a Bell’s. You deserve it.

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