The best hangout spots on campus
Main campus is similar to Game of Thrones because most students recognise the existence of an upper and lower kingdom. In the upper part of campus, which is dominated by law, business and humanities students, there is no better place to hangout than Oom Gert’s. This hangout spot is renowned for its hospitality, food and carefree atmosphere and is definitely worth visiting if you find yourself nearby. In the lower part of campus, aspiring architects, scientists and engineers rule the roost and flock to Tribeca to hangout. Tribeca is known for its pizza, coffee and view of lower campus and is worth making the trip for.


The best bathrooms on campus
Being on-the-go all day leaves very little time for going to the bathroom, let alone taking time out to find one. This is why it is important to keep bathrooms in mind that are central to where you have classes during the day. If you find yourself on the upper end of campus, aim for the bathrooms opposite the law auditorium in the law building. If you are in the middle of campus, the bathrooms on the outside of Kloostersaal opposite the chapel are your best bet. The lower end of campus has bathrooms underneath the engineering building which are also convenient. While there are countless other options across campus, the above-mentioned bathrooms are the easiest to locate and very spacious.


The best way to exhibit varsity pride
Varsity pride usually comes into full display during the Varsity Cup and this is something you can look forward to. Dressing the part is very important to some students, and this is why visiting the Wannabee stores located underneath the engineering building on lower campus and next to Oom Gert’s on upper campus are vital. Red Varsity Cup shirts can also be purchased at the beginning of the year and litter campus on the Monday of a Tuks game.


The best place to meet people
The grass patches outside the Humanities building act as the equivalent to the beach in Cape Town and they are the best places to meet new people. You can sit down in between your classes and familiarise yourself with your fellow students.


The best place to hide out
When you reach your socialising limit and need a place to prepare for a test, there is no better place than the 24-hour section of the Merensky library. This section of the library has been designed to facilitate the peculiar hours of students and is the ideal place to finish work without the distractions of roommates, friends and parties. This area can be found by turning left once entering the library.


The most affordable meals
Some of the most affordable meals on campus can be found in the Piazza where a number of specials and combos ensure that your rand is stretched successfully. Alternatively, a stop at Kung Fu Kitchen just outside campus, which is a rite of passage for any Tuks student, guarantees a delicious and generously portioned meal which will definitely be good value for money.


The trick to transport
Trying to find parking on Main campus is almost as difficult as trying to find an available seat during the first week of classes. This is why utilising the Park and Ride system, situated on the LC de Villiers Sport campus, is advisable for any students who travel to varsity by car. Once you have parked your car, a bus departs every 15 minutes between the Sport campus and the Centenary building situated on Main campus. This service is free of charge and is available to students on weekdays from 7:00 until 17:00. The only requirement to use the system is a valid student card.


The strongest Wi-Fi signal on campus
Wi-Fi technology has become an integral part of our social as well as academic lives and thus it is important to keep in mind where these hotspot zones are on campus. The strongest signal on campus can be found inside the Client Services Centre (CSC) situated at the base of the Humanities building. However, if exhibiting antisocial behaviour in front of the university’s administrative department is not your scene, there are other zones which are ready to connect you. If you are fortunate enough to spend time in the engineering, music or law buildings, take advantage of the strong Wi-Fi signals which span across the length and breadth of these faculties. Another swift spot to connect to is situated inside the food court at the Piazza. However, the best kept secret with regards to Wi-Fi is hidden in the “dungeon” floor of the Humanities building. Previously, venturing into the underground world of the Humanities building to attend a class was a risky business for socialites because of the lack of reception. Thankfully, after the renovation of the dreaded ground floor took place and a resilient Wi-Fi router was installed, the trip has become much more convenient.

Hopefully these campus secrets will play a role in your adaptation to varsity life.


Photo: Charlotte Bastiaanse

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