This collection of information is intended to summarise the key safety and security services that students are offered by the University of Pretoria.

Students are urged to practice vigilance and caution at all times to ensure the maintenance of their safety and security and are encouraged to make use of the available services, should they encounter a situation that could affect their safety.

The Green Route Project

This is an initiative affiliated with UP, that aims to provide safe routes that students and staff can undertake during after-hours. The service allows students and staff to be accompanied by security personnel on foot, to and from residences, vehicles or any other nearby places, between 18:00-06:00. Students and staff can access this service by calling the 24-hour Operational Centre on 012 420 2310 / 2760 to arrange for an escort. An alternative to calling the centre is to simply make your way to security officials on duty at the main gates of campus or residences to arrange for the escort. The different campuses affiliated with UP have different meeting points where this service is initiated, namely:

Hatfield – In front of ABSA ATM next to the Merensky Library

Prinshof – In front of HW Snyman Building

Groenkloof – Between the Administration Building and the Auditorium

Kalafong – In front of the Klinikala Building

Onderstepoort – No specific meeting point, call 012 420 2310 / 2760

Mamelodi – No specific meeting point, call 012 420 2310 / 2760

24-hour Operational Management Centre

This centre is situated in the administration building on the Hatfield campus. The centre is tasked to provide 24-hour services to students by responding to emergencies, initiating a rapid response to security breaches, and attending to any complaints or incidents directed to them. The 24-hour Operational Management Centre can be reached via 012 420 2310 or 012 420 2760.

UP Crisis Service

This is a 24-hour service that offers professional and confidential support to victims of crime and trauma. The service includes providing support to students and staff experiencing family/personal relationship problems, study guidance, counselling in cases of suicide or attempted suicide, as well counselling following a criminal encounter. The service can be accessed on 0800 00 64 28.

General tips for spending a night out:

Let a friend know where you will be going as well as what time to expect you back at your accommodation. Should you decide to walk back to your accommodation, do so in a group and opt to use well-lit, busy streets and main roads. Be prepared for the eventuality that your phone may run out of battery by carrying a portable battery pack. Ensure that your phone is fully charged and has adequate airtime and data. Set limits to how much alcohol you consume, as being in an inebriated state makes you prone to losing objects and provides an opportunity for individuals to steal valuables that you are carrying. Additionally, be prepared for the possibility of your drink getting spiked by not accepting drinks from strangers or leaving your drink unattended.

General security tips for ATM use:

Ensure that the ATM you pick to withdraw money is situated in a well-lit and high traffic area. Be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals who may be loitering around the ATM. Always be cautious and sceptical of individuals who offer to help you at the ATM or create some sort of diversion, as this kind of behaviour is often followed by card swopping, hence ensure that the card that is returned to you from the ATM is legitimately yours. Following the completion of a transaction, refrain from counting the money on the spot as this again creates an opportune moment for criminals.

Security Tips for electronic devices:

Do not leave cell phones, tablets, laptops, or any form of electronic devices unattended in any space. On campus, this is especially the case in libraries when students leave their belongings unattended or ask a stranger to watch over their belongings. Consider setting an alarm for electronic devices that are designed to go off when the laptop undergoes unexpected motion or is moved out of a specific location range or store them in less prominent places to not draw attention to them. Do not flash or hold out electronic devices in public places.

Emergency Numbers:

24 Hour UP Operational Manager – 083 654 0476

Hatfield Campus – Brooklyn SAPS 012 366 1740 / 7

Groenkloof Campus – Sunnyside SAPS 012 422 3696

Medical Campus – Pretoria Central SAPS 012 353 4000 / 4223

Onderstepoort – Pretoria North SAPS 012 353 5666 / 5600

Kalafong Campus – Atteridgeville SAPS 012 373 8534

Mamelodi Campus – Mamelodi East SAPS 012 805 4041

Ambulance 10177 or 112 from a cell phone

Fire Brigade 10177

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