The University of Pretoria conducted its first-ever virtual #ChooseUP Day on 15 August due to lockdown regulations. This virtual event is believed to be the first of its kind for a tertiary institution in South Africa and it is aimed at introducing UP, the staff members and the university’s campuses.

The live stream featured Vice Chancellor and Principal Professor Tawana Kupe, Student Representative Council (SRC) President David Kabwa and Faculty Deans. The virtual #ChooseUP Day was tailored and personalised for each conditionally admitted UP student with links that directed them to their areas of interests that were specified on their RSVP’s. The links included virtual tours of the nine faculties at UP and seven campuses which were toured through a combination of 360-degree panoramas and videos. Guests could watch videos that addressed frequently asked questions and receive advice on admissions, choosing modules and prospective accommodation.

“These are very uncertain and difficult times. But as you can see, at UP, nothing can stop you. You are sitting at home, we are on campus, but we have ensured that we are together. We are grateful to all of you that are interested in UP as a top-quality institution” said Prof Kupe. He added that the virtual #ChooseUP Day showcased the complementary relationship between online and contact sessions. He concluded the live stream by saying “That’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Society 5.0 at work. UP is in the future, future-orientated and future-focused. And there really is no excuse to not choose UP”.



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