Ashura Kalufya
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The TuksCheerleading team are back at it again. Only this time, they performed during their annual outreach
programme at a festival hosted by the Magalies Special School in Pretoria. They were invited to the Magalies Fire and Food festival to lift the spirit of their visitors and performed a lovely dance routine. According to the school, the cheer team’s routines brought some extra fire to their festival. They even decided to stay back and socialise after their performance was done.

When PDBY spoke to Dolly Makgotlho, the manager of the TuksCheerleading team, she stated that they are always looking
for more opportunities to give back to the communities around UP. She also stated that if anyone has a need for the cheer squad to come through, they should contact the team via their UP site. The TuksCheerleading squad will be performing during the AmaTuks games. The AmaTuks games will be filled with music from the brass band and energy from our cheer team. In the words of the head cheerleader, Dolly Makgotlho, “the people must go”.

Truly now you must go, we would not want to disappoint the team that brings us joy now, would we?