Being ranked as a top achiever or top sportsman is one of the goals all athletes and sportsmen strive for. It is a sign of hard work and symbolizes success and growth in their journey. Dylan Naidoo is one of the sportsmen to be ranked for 2020/2021. The Tuks golfer has been ranked 29th in the Order of Merit Rankings. Naidoo, who is a TuksGolf Academy graduate, and has been with it for the last seven years, has completed five tournaments in the Sunshine Tour Season so far, which has been taking place since mid-August 2020 ending in March 2021.

The golfer said that he is “very happy about the Sunshine Tour”, even though he has not played his best golf, he is still happy to give his best. The player gave credit to the lockdown regulation as it has allowed him to work in the gym and practice. The Sunshine Tour tournament for Naidoo is a decent start for the long season and prepares him in his “golf journey and career.” However, the 2020-21 Sunshine Tour has been full of the unknowns, said Naidoo. He does not know the schedule but he plans to take it as it is and keep on improving.

Naidoo’s said his biggest motivation is to be the “best golfer in the world” and he has big aspirations. He admitted that he still has a long way to go, but through his vision and plan he will probably get there. Despite the challenges along the way, what also pushes Naidoo is to win trophies. His only way to achieve these dreams and goals is to “compete in the big events”, and from January and March this year, before the COVID-19 regulation and lockdown, said he has been involved in events that are co-sanctioned with the European Tour. Naidoo stated that the big events helped in his growth and improvement, and the three months of lockdown gave him time to improve and increase the level of his skills.

The TuksGolf Academy graduate said he is still working with his TuksGolf coaches, Llewellyn Van Leeuwen and Emile Steinman. He says that the two coaches have been the best coaches as they assisted in his growth and continue to do that. “I’m still going to continue to work with them as they have helped me in sharpening my potential”, said Naidoo.

He is not aiming to remain only in the Sunshine Tour, as he has other plans. He said that initially for the end of September and October he was planning to join the Euro Tour qualifying school. However, he could not do that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations around it. In 2021 the Tuks golfer is aiming to join or enter a several of European and US Tours and gives thanks to the Sunshine Tour as it is giving him a great starting point to bring him close to his aspiration of being the best golf player he can be.

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