The academic year is finally taking off and while life is starting to get back to some semblance of normalcy, it is important to remember that we still find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. However, that does not mean that you cannot venture out into the world while practicing caution and adhering to social distancing protocols. Why not pack a picnic basket and head to Jan Cilliers Park?

Jan Cilliers Park, also referred to as Protea Park, is one of Pretoria’s hidden gems. The 4.5-hectare park is situated on the corner of Wenning and Broderick Street in Groenkloof and boasts an array of indigenous plant species, miniature waterfalls, and a dam. The park was named after the Afrikaans poet, Jan F.E. Cilliers, and was designed in the 1960s by Harry Bruins-Lich. The park is the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon picnic with some friends or a romantic outdoor date. It is also dog friendly, so if you are a dog owner, be sure to bring your furry friends along for an adventure. The park is conveniently located for those living in and around the Hatfield, Groenkloof, and Brooklyn areas. There is no entry fee and there is ample parking space, making this a cost-effective way to get outdoors and explore our beautiful city safely. The park is worth a visit and should be added to every Pretoria-dwellers bucket list.

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