As strange as it sounds, there are many ways to ‘read’. You do not always need to physically read words on a page to sink into a book. In the same way our daily life is connected to our devices, reading has become no different. Similar to e-books, audiobooks provide a different way to read (or in this case, listen) to your favorite books on any device at any time.

In a world where anything and everything is downloadable, audiobooks are no exception. There are many ways to access and buy audiobooks of your choosing to enjoy, an example of such is the Amazon company, Audible. Interested buyers can subscribe to Audible’s variety of subscription packages and receive access to purchasing a collection of audiobooks and podcasts. The Audible app, amongst others, can also be downloaded on Google Play, which can supply audiobooks of your choosing. If you are interested in audiobooks, you can explore stores like Google Play on your devices to choose an app that best suits your interests.


You do not always need to physically read words on a page to sink into a book.


While Audible is an American service, there are also local means to obtain audiobooks. If you have a library card for any public library in Gauteng, you can use the Libby app to borrow audiobooks from the Gauteng Virtual Library’s selection at this website: If you do not have a library card, you can apply for a new card via this site to gain access to the library and subsequently its collection of audiobooks.

Book-lovers are not just limited to being glued to a chair to read their favorite books anymore. Audiobooks are an innovative way to celebrate your favorite stories in your own way. While reading requires the utmost attention, the multitasker has the option of reading on-the-go through audiobooks. Whether it is listening in your car or while you are completing tasks, audiobooks provide another possibility to read.


Image: Cletus Mulaudi

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