Andie Padayachee is a local author who published the poetry anthology, Seven Deadly Sins, through publishing house, Chasing Dreams Publishing. This anthology is available via PDF, and can either be found on the link in Andie’s bio (@andienannyfine) or on Chasing Dreams Publishing’s website. The theme of this anthology follows the general knowledge of the seven deadly sins, but each sin has two to three poems that represent it, and the sins begin to seem a lot more human and vulnerable, rather than evil. The sins of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth are represented in a realistic and raw light. The sins are portrayed as a grey area, and not in the typical form of black and white.

Padayachee covers a lot of concepts that are familiar to readers. Although the poetry is specific to their personal experiences, this anthology has an aspect of universality and can be a cathartic anthology to read. The poems are long, expressive, and drenched in the meaning of what the experience of pure humanness is. This anthology explores how these deadly sins take forms in the experiences of everyday life and often present themselves in unexpected ways. Anxiety can fall under sloth; possessive behaviour can fall under gluttony. These are thoughts that are often buried in our minds, but now they are accompanied by simple, yet beautifully illustrated words that bring them to light. Whether you regularly read poetry, or are just interested in exploring your subconscious emotions, this affordable and well-presented PDF is something you should get your hands on.

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