Knowing what to wear for university, especially when one has had to wear a uniform to school for however many years prior, can be an overlooked, but overwhelming aspect of being a first year. To help with this, PDBY asked some senior students for their best campus clothing hacks and tips.

Pearl Ntshane – BSc Food Science 3rd year

Two important things to always have in mind is to look put together and be comfortable. Basics are important: a good pair of jeans, a good pair of leggings for ladies, white and black tees, white sneakers! (white sneakers and a white tee blend in with everything: you will never go wrong but black also works). On a lazy day, a midi dress and sneakers (the white sneakers again or with sandals) and throwing a leather or denim jacket over your outfit for those morning classes makes your outfit look put together. Track pants, oversized tops, flip flops and sweaters [are also] good things to have in your closet. A little extra something [could be] white sneakers, good fitting blue or black jeans, white tee and a blazer of a neutral colour. and add a wristwatch if you like (thank me later). Neutral colours are the best, [because] they allow you to mix and match outfits as you want (white, black, navy and nude or khaki). Make use of student discounts! The Fix has a 20% discount for students every Tuesday [and] Varsity Vibe also has good offers. Whenever you go grocery shopping, just hop into stores [like] Mr Price. [In] the sale section there’s always something that will catch your eye without breaking your budget. Outlet
stores will be your friend. [Feel] like going for a shopping spree? Take your wallet and head to Atterbury mall (there are a lot of outlet stores there).

Vuyi Zondi – BA Psychology 3rd year

I live by JTS. Jeans, tees, and sneakers. A jean that fits you well, a T-shirt that doesn’t distract and sneakers that are popping. As a first year you need to be comfortable and simple ‘cause you will have classes, practicals, and tutorials and the last thing you need stressing you is your outfit.

Thando Vokwana – BCom Economics 3rd year

First of all, thrifting is key. To always have a clean fit but not break your budget, thrift. [Comfort] is important too. You don’t want to find yourself in a full double lecture in Thuto in a pair of uncomfortable jeans. [Make] sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Don’t feel pressured to drip in your best every day, as long as you’re comfortable and clean, whether it be sweatpants and a hoodie or a nice pair of jeans and simple tee.

Siyabonga Nkosi – LLB 2nd year

Colour co-ordination is very important. [Don’t] mix up your colour in a cringy way. Mr Price is for the students so use and visit it to your fullest. [Buy] different coloured shirts and designs. [If] [you’re] going to get round neck T-shirts, buy a black, blue, grey, red, white and yellow one. [Have] a wide range in colour, and when it comes to denims buy black and blue. [Keep] it simple and clean. [Plus,] they go well with most colours. [Also] have a jewellery piece [and] never mess with your shoes. [Have] proper kicks and at least one jewellery piece. [Don’t] be plain. Buy more tops than pants. [Lastly,] don’t look like your problems: even if you are stressed, still dress proper.

Mbali Nkosi – LLB final year

What one [wears] usually depends on the weather, and how one feels on that particular day. On summer days, I usually have on an oversized T-shirt [and] skinny jeans with sandals or sneakers. I also love a simple [jumpsuit] or a dress which is easy to dress up or down. Whenever I have a library date I prefer comfort over everything. So, I’d throw on some leggings [and a] T-shirt with flip flops and a hoodie. During the autumn season, my leather jacket and cardigan are my favourite items because they work with almost every outfit. I usually have on a simple dress or crop top with jeans then put on a leather jacket over it to make the simple outfit pop. In the winter season, ankle boots and sneakers are my [go-to] shoes. Layering in winter is the best way to go, so put on a hoodie or sweater and a jacket over that. If one is going for a simpler look then one can wear a bomber jacket, a pair of jeans or leggings and sneakers.

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