On 5 February, the United Kingdom Friends of the University of Pretoria Foundation was launched in London.The event attendees were UP alumni and supporters of the collaboration, and featured radio host Bruce Whitfield as the guest speaker. The main aims of the collaboration, which is affectionately known as the UK Friends of UP, are fundraising and initiatives that enable educational opportunities, research endeavours and community engagement at the university. One can also support the initiative by donating towardsthe Vice Chancellor Scholarship Fund, which is aimed at assisting students who form part of the missing middle. The UK-UP alliance promises to be mutually beneficial, as UP will gain the resources it needs to support educational and institutional advancement. Donors from the United Kingdom gain an official channel through which to support the university as well as other benefits, such as a tax certificate and tax relief against their income.

To find out more about the initiative, visit https://up-foundation.org.uk/

Stacey Mgijima
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