Fitness goals are on a lot of people’s resolution lists as the new year begins, and they might be on yours too. But being on campus makes it easy to get lost in books and socialising. However, it is important to take care of the body just as much as the mind. There might be some belly fat that is lurking under your shirt from a far too fun vacation,
or maybe you just want something to keep you healthy. Whatever you may be looking to achieve, the university has the resources you need. If you prefer the traditional method of keeping fit, which is finding yourself in a gym with a room full of barbells and treadmills, then the university has its own student gyms which can be found on the Hillcrest, Groenkloof and Prinshof campuses. If you would like your training to be outdoors and spontaneous, the TuksAthletics and TuksCycling clubs are the right match for you. They are heavily cardio based and if those extra kilos have a chance of being dropped, then this will be it. It is important to remember that when going to the gym, your diet should complement your training for optimal results. If you are ready to achieve your fitness goals for the year, the clubs listed in this article can be found at the following webpage:


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