Ivainashe Nyamutsamba
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The outgoing EC of the Natural and Agricultural Sciences House (NATHouse) hosted an award ceremony on 13
September. This award ceremony was dedicated to honouring the outstanding students within the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. The NATHouse guardians, Dr Carel Oosthuizen and Zeenat Patel, were present at the ceremony, among other notable dignitaries.

The award ceremony kicked off at 10:30 and ended at 13:00. Khensani Ndlovu was the master of ceremonies and their stage presence entertained the audience. In a live interview Ndlovu reflected on the journey as an EC member and appreciated the integral role of Dr. Oosthuizen as a source of inspiration and counsel throughout their journey.

Before the commencement of the award ceremony, Patel addressed students. “Make the most of your time at the University,” said Patel, who encouraged students to participate in UP cultural activities. This will help UP students to potentially develop their leadership and problem solving skills.

There were notable award recipients, such as Lindsey Shumba, who walked away with three awards.

After the commiserations, Dr. Oosthuisen shared closing remarks: “Use this opportunity where you are still sculpting yourself…there are a lot of opportunities. You need to open your eyes and see those opportunities.”