Thulanganyo Motau is a vocal and local artist that attends the University of Pretoria. If you are an avid PDBY reader, you will remember that in April 2021 we interviewed Motau regarding her EP, Souls Have Chosen.

During this interview, Motau left readers wondering what she was working on when we asked about her current projects and she stated that she had “already said too much”. Now, we can explore this elusive comment. On 12 June, Motau released her new single, “Thulaganyo Ya Badimo”. “Thulaganyo Ya Badimo” is a heart-touching track with elements that could not have come from anywhere but South Africa.

The cover art is authentically representative of the sounds that greet you in the introduction. The introduction will invite you to continue listening, and Motau’s angelic voice will have you disappointed that there is only one song on this EP. It is the local feel, and the beating of the drums, that really draws listeners into her music.

It is slower and more emotionally complex than Souls Have Chosen – yet it still carries the same element of playfulness. Despite only being Motau’s second release, it is clear that she is successfully exploring musical diversity. The lyrics of this song carry complex themes of religion and self-exploration that perfectly complement the R&B/Soul genre that this piece falls under. It is a soulful and soothing song that South Africans should engage in. Motau is a talented artist, and we cannot wait to follow what she has to offer.

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