Over the past two years, South African entertainment giant, M-Net, has upped its game in producing local dramas using local actors, and screenwriters from within our borders. 2019’s Trackers gained critical acclaim in South Africa and was subsequently aired internationally. Equally popular was the 2020 drama series, Still Breathing, which centred on a group of friends reunited in the face of a tragedy. On 3 September, the newest addition to M-Net’s line-up of proudly South African productions aired its first episode. Inconceivable is produced by the award-winning Rous House Productions, a trio comprised of two brothers and their friend. The focus of the show is a group of four women who have been friends since their days at UCT. Having lived through their high-energy days at university, the four women are now in their mid-thirties and all of them are dealing with the realities of marriage, parenthood, and everything else in between. The drama is led by a duo of best friends. Marieke Meyer, played by veteran South African actress and Anel Alexander who is a gynaecologist and a mother of two – her greatest struggle being to find the balance between the two roles she plays. Carine Rous plays fiery and particular lawyer, Rachel Bishop, who is expecting her first child. These two are the centre of a larger network of friends who feel like family, played by familiar faces from elsewhere in the South African entertainment scene. This rag-tag group of friends are made up of adults at varying stages in their journey of parenthood; the parents of two, the soon-to-be parents, the still-trying-to-be parents, and the couple with one person who doesn’t want children. These aspects are only complicated by marital insecurities, potential infidelity, and secrets that threaten the happiness and security of all those involved. As far as first episodes go, Inconceivable kicks off with a bang. From only 40 minutes, viewers know the characters and their struggles, but there is enough mystery in their circumstances to keep people coming back, as the storyline is gripping and intriguing. The next 12 episodes are sure to be an interesting and emotional watch.

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