On 22 April Merensky Library hosted an event called “Let Us Love Poetry Together” in celebration of World Book Day. Even though many countries annually celebrate World Book Day on 23 April, Merensky hosted it early, knowing that it had to be held on a weekday to encourage interest, participation and draw an adequate audience.

World Book Day is celebrated to bring awareness to, recognise, and promote the benefits of reading books, publishing, and copyright. The event started at 13:00, and the attendants were already waiting, glancing through the display of literature written by students set in the library’s Book Nook. Students were encouraged to bring along their original written poems and to recite them with others; all the literature pieces would be added to the library collection. The event was opened by the faculty library manager for Humanities and Theology, Viveka Pillai, welcoming the students, guests, and library staff. Among the special guests was Dr Idette Noome from the Department of English.

Students were given a stage for reciting and expressing their poems in any form they saw fit. The poems enriched the event by enabling students to express their feelings and share their views with the audience as a way of entertaining and encouraging discussion.  At the end of the event, after the last poet recited her poem, a contented silence filled the room. At this time, event organiser and librarian Adrienne Warricker’s emotional reaction reflected gratitude for the active engagement of the audience and the success of the event. Before leaving, students received goodies. Looking at the attendance, everyone could resonate with Pillai’s remark: “For me, every day is a good day for a Book Day!”


Illustration: Kayla Thomas

Jan Ndlovu
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