UP features more than 30 sports clubs for athletes of diverse and varied preferences. From beginners to professionals, student-athletes have their pick of sports clubs and can begin sporting careers that lead to championships, titles, national and international records, and even the Olympics. For first-years joining UP or seniors continuing their studies, TuksSport is open to all students. TuksSport explains that they cater to all students, including “complete beginner[s] looking to try something new or […] elite athlete[s] with a record of high achievement”, and offer sporting opportunities to all students. Interested athletes have the choice of a wide variety of sport clubs, including rugby, soccer, netball, archery, squash, hockey and golf.

TuksSport hosts a number of fields, courts and high-performance facilities that enable UP athletes to train and hone their abilities, and prepare for friendly and professional competitions. TuksSports also offers exciting clubs for cheerleading, dance and gymnastics with indoor facilities, as well as multiple swimming pools for water polo, underwater hockey and lifesaving clubs. From martial arts sport clubs such as Judo, Karate and Taekwondo to mental sports like chess and e-sport, students have their pick of athletic activities, and with facilities such as climbing walls, a kayaking dam and a beach volleyball court at the disposal of registered club members and athletes. The more than 30 sporting codes and extensive facilities are found at UP’s Hillcrest Campus on South Street in Hatfield.

While access is restricted to permit holders during the COVID-19 pandemic, students can join TuksSports clubs and register as members for access to train with their club at UP facilities. To join a club, students can find contact details on TuksSport’s website for specific clubs, and check the TuksSports application on the UP Portal. Students can also contact TuksSport on social media for information for specific sports, joining procedures and club fees. Annual fee estimates for UP gyms, facilities and clubs can also be found on their website.

To find out more about TuksSport and joining a club, contact TuksSport on social media @tukssport, or online at up.ac.za/ tukssport. Students can also read about TuksSport in 2020 in their annual magazine, the Medallist, which can be accessed on all of their social media platforms, @tukssport.


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