While gyms and training centres are open again, not everyone feels comfortable or safe working out in public or shared areas. There are many home workouts that can be completed without exercise equipment or facilities, but some of us need a goal or external motivation to keep up with workouts and fitness during the pandemic. There are many virtual challenges offered worldwide that allow you to meet your personal fitness goals while also meeting set distances or times, or winning a medal to mark your success. Below are two options for home workouts that also set an achievable goal to motivate you and keep you running:

The Conqueror Virtual Challenge

The Conqueror hosts a variety of virtual challenges that can be started at any time and completed at your own pace over 18 months. The challenges are each themed and range in distance from 33km as the English Channel, to 4000km as the Pacific Crest Trail. Other themes include the 74km Mount Fuji, 97km Mount Kilimanjaro, 451km Grand Canyon, 3669km Route 66, and South Africa’s own 412km Kruger Park trail. Each challenge is completed virtually, with walking, cycling, running, climbing and swimming all being logged for distance on the Conqueror Virtual Challenge app. Participants can track their progress on the app along street view images of the challenge route, and a tree is planted as every 20% of the challenge is completed. The Conqueror says that “so far [they] have planted more than 450,000 trees since August 2020”, when the challenges began. Once you finish a challenge, you will also receive a physical medal with a design to match the challenge that was completed. To join a virtual challenge there is a fee of R450, and more information can be found at theconqueror.events/all-challenges/.

2021 Virtual Volvo Cars Brooklyn Half Guide – 15 May to 23 May

The virtual challenge is presented by Volve and Strava and aims to “bring Coney Island to your own course whether you are in New York City or anywhere in the world”. The marathon race event spans 21km and can be completed anywhere via the Strava app. To join, participants have the option of the free tier, where they can complete the marathon and receive a virtual finishers badge and a 30 day Strava subscription. There is also the paid tier where for R870 participants will receive the virtual finishers badge, a 60 day Strava subscription, and a physical medal and promotional products from the New York Road Runners delivered to their door. The race can be joined from nyrr.org/pages/2021-virtual-volvo-cars-brooklyn-half-guide, and can be completed by running or walking the 21km in a single activity, and logging the distance using any GPS device

Image: theconqueror.events

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