The University of Pretoria has taken the decision that as of 20 April, the first semester will be completed online. Academic activities will be online, as far as possible, until 17 June, with the exception of certain traditional examinations that are essential for professional or other accreditation or licensing purposes, and certain clinical, practical and laboratory experimental work.

Classes, tutorials, tests and examinations will be conducted online in line with the university’s planning in scenario 3 of their Teaching, Learning and Student Success Scenario Planning document. The document sets out how academic activities are to continue in the event of a full closure of the physical university and its facilities. The Scenario Planning document explains that lecturers are to continue teaching via online measures such as Blackboard Collaborate, annotated and narrated lecture slides, and interactive assessment questions. The university has also told UP faculties to ensure online assessments be scheduled “within the framework of the official examination timetable”. Students are encouraged to keep up with the workload and frequently check ClickUP and their UP email addresses.


“Academic activities will be online, as far as possible, until 17 June”


Professor Kupe, in an email to UP staff, stated that the university is “committed to providing all our students with the necessary support to ensure their success”. Prof. Kupe also explained that the university is working to provide zero-rate data for ClickUP, the Library website and staff and student portals, as well as working to assist students who do not have internet access or internet-enabled devices. Details will be communicated when possible. Prof. Kupe also that they are “working with the country’s broadcasters to see how we can leverage some of the available channels for teaching and learning”, to ensure the successful continuation of the semester.

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