University of Pretoria students are invited to register on the official database to be considered for financial aid in the form of a bursary, discount, or other funding. As it has been a challenging year, the database allows the university to allocate funds, when available, to students who need it. Funds allocated can be used for historical debt, to fund the full cost of attendance, to top-up bursaries, or it can be a fixed amount that is allocated.

Registering on the database does not guarantee that you will be assisted financially, however, students are still encouraged to apply. The lockdown has placed an added financial burden on many students and families, and the university recognises that students have not had access to the libraries, labs, and contact classes that students should have had. There is no closing date for the bursary, however, the sooner the applications are received, the sooner possible funding can be considered.

Registering involves going to the financial aid web page ( and clicking on the apply button. This takes you to a PDF document that walks you through the steps of how to use the student portal to apply.


Illustrations: Giovanna Janos

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