Kayla is a local artist, and produces eye-catching pieces that are sure to get even the art novice excited. PDBY spoke to Kayla about her art where she unpacked her artistic talents and offered some insight into what it means to be an artist in Pretoria, what art means to her and where her creativity stems from.

Where are you from, and where did you develop your artistic talents?

I am originally from a little town called Vereeniging but I am currently staying in Pretoria while I am finishing my degree. I honestly have no idea when or where I started developing my artistic talent. Since I was young I have always loved being creative and painting all over the place. I didn’t go to art classes besides art as a subject up until grade 9 so it has always just been something that I enjoy doing a lot. I have definitely improved my skills over the last three years as I have had lots of time to practice (thanks COVID-19!)

What is your favourite piece out of all of your creations?

My favourite piece is definitely my most recent painting of the lady with the pink hair, however, I have another that is just so much more important to me. I started painting a little frog when I was in grade 11 but I used to hate it because I was busy painting it when I found out I didn’t get into Fine Arts at Tuks which led me to somehow believe it was that specific painting’s fault that I didn’t get in. After a year or so I finally finished it and now it has a very special place in my heart because it showed me that my talent is not defined by the acceptance of others.

What inspires your art?

I usually just wing it if I’m honest haha. However, I have recently been enjoying drawing out sketches of my ideas and then asking my friends what they think would look cool and then I somehow add their additions to the final paintings.

How would you describe the style of your art?

I have a very wide range of artworks that I create. For commissions, I mostly do whatever the clients want, which is often monochrome portraits. My own art style on the other hand is very colourful conceptual, psychedelic art. I love creating art that makes one feel as if they are in a whole other universe.

What are the main themes of your art?

Most of my paintings centre around female characters (I genuinely don’t think I have ever painted a man other than for commission pieces). I guess it feels like I put a bit of me in each painting. Thus, the theme of my art usually follows along the lines of a female presence in this alternate reality that I have painted. From that, the spectator can interpret my art however they like.

Which mediums do you use to create your art? Do you only use paint, or do you dabble in other mediums?

Lately, I have only been using acrylic paint for most of my art as I find it easiest to work with and usually gives me the results that I want. I also love pencil work and any type of sketching even though I don’t do it as often. The only medium I genuinely dislike is chalk. I am way too messy to keep it under control haha.

Which audiences do you believe support your art the most?

This is also such a wide range. At the moment I think it is mostly people around my age (19-25) since most of my art is quite colourful and out there. I have done some murals as well and I would love to become more involved with mural painting.

How can one contact you if they wish to buy or commission a piece?

I have an art page on Instagram, @kaylie_colours, where I show the process of my paintings and where one can also order commissions from. Other than that, I can also be contacted through my email at kayla.oosthuizen1@gmail.com.

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