Die Heuwels Fantasties are back in full force with their new album, 2021. The album strikes the perfect balance between old and new and stays true to the band’s iconic synth-pop sound. The first single “Jy Stel My Teleur” was released in September 2019, and was followed by the release of “Mejuffrou Sonneblom” and “Doin’ It Right” in December 2019, and finally, “Ons Moet Leef” in April. These singles set the tone for the rest of the album, fusing all of the best parts of electronic-pop and soft rock. The album features artists Jack Parrow, Ampie, and Arno Carstens, among others. It offers the perfect soundtrack to a relaxed weekend, with songs to get you up on your feet, ready to dance, and songs to sip a glass of wine to in the late afternoon. From the incorporation of the saxophone in “Mis Oor Die See” to the slow piano in “Kom Na My Toe”, the album moves through an array of emotions. It does not shy away from mixing up genres, something that is not unusual for the group. The overarching feeling of the album is one of nostalgia and reflection. As Hunter Kennedy, guitarist of Die Heuwels Fantasties, says “[the album] actually sounds like it comes from all of [their] previous albums”, giving listeners a well-rounded experience of Die Heuwels Fantasties.


The overarching feeling of the album is one of nostalgia and reflection.


This is an album with a little something for everyone, from fans who have been around since the beginning, to people looking for something new to listen to. 2021 is a great album especially for those who have not listened to Die Heuwels Fantasties before, as it truly explores all of the various styles of their music. Die Heuwels Fantasties are known for their fun stage presence, so their live performance of the new album is something many are looking forward to. It may still be a while before you can watch the band live, so the next best thing is to join the live stream launch of the album on 30 May. The album will officially be released on 22 May, but if you purchase any merchandise from their website, you will receive a free digital copy of the album. You will also receive a free digital copy of the album if you book your spot for the album launch. You can find more information about this on their website: www. dieheuwels.co.za

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