The University of Pretoria career services office is one of the most helpful aspects of student life. Living in a country that has high unemployment rates, Career Services’ mission and vision are to help students become employable whilst studying, by assisting students with almost every day emails of job opportunity adverts.

The Career Services Office functions as a center of career development for UP students and graduates and provides them with aiding tips on how to prepare for their careers. The office offers services to students, which include, however are not limited to; virtual career events and fairs, hosting employers virtual job interviews and assessments, providing employability consultations on a one-on-one basis, hosting employability workshops, special webinars, advertising job opportunities via emails sent to students, also providing articles on current Ready for Work and employability related practices, etc.

Career services are also very important in keeping students updated up on what the job market has to offer and the current trends of demand where career choices are concerned. The office assists students in building their CV whilst studying – an advantage as students will be fit competitors in the job market. Career Services is a division located in the Old Chemistry building on the Hatfield Campus. Students can book their time with a Career Services consultant/advisor by contacting the office at 012 420 6438 or


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