An article that appeared in a 1977 issue of PDBY (known then as Perdeby), informed students that new regulations permitted the wearing of denim on campus and to attend lectures. The article reports that students were elated with the changes in the clothing regulations.

According to our summary of the new regulations published in the 1977 article, changes included:

Male students:

The minimum clothing for male students on the campuses was a pair of trousers with a seam or a

Safari suit. In both cases, clothing needed to be accompanied by shoes and socks and no sandals or any similar footwear were allowed. Male students were also allowed to wear “short trousers” if they were coming to campus for a practical class, write an exam, or go to straight to the library, a shirt with a collar, long socks, and shoes, and no sandals or open-toed footwear were allowed.

Female students:

The minimum clothing for female students on campus was either a dress or a skirt with a blouse or jersey or seamed long trousers with a blouse or jersey, with neat shoes or sandals. Halter neck dresses, tops or beach wear were not allowed. An open stomach or slip slops were not allowed.

The 1977 article concludes that male students are now allowed to wear denim on campus after it was previously banned. This allowed only male students to have a wider range of clothing choices for campus.

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