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Established to aid passionate rugby players, the Blue Bulls Tuks Rugby Academy promotes making a career out of rugby for those who love the sport. Perdeby interviewed Wynand Moolman, manager of the academy, to find out what the rugby academy can offer players.


What is the Blue Bulls TuksRugby Academy and why was it established?

The Blue Bulls TuksRugby Academy was established to use rugby to attract passionate rugby players to the University of Pretoria and the Blue Bulls Rugby Union. It was also established to develop and broaden the tal­ented pool of players for the Blue Bulls Rugby Union and [UP] in a well-structured rugby program.

The academy creates an environment where rugby can be used to teach […] good habits on and off the rugby field. The academy may also use rugby to install morals and values in players.


Why do you think the academy is beneficial to those who are wanting to play rugby professionally?

A lot of players are not certain what to do after school and then decide to do a gap year. Some players are late developers and will then develop in a professional rugby structure with regards to the Blue Bulls Tuks Rugby Structure.


What do the different programmes and courses entail?

The first courses are the certified courses which offer a World Rugby level one coach­ing course, World Rugby level one refereeing, World Rugby level one strength and condi­tioning, BokSmart and SA First Aid level one training as well.

The next courses are the theoretical courses. These include event planning, conditioning, technical analysis, the team manager, selection policy, financial management and sport’s agency management.

The last course is the advanced rugby coaching course which involves the role of the coach, team social responsibilities, warm-up and physiological principles, game related communication skills and individual rugby skills. This course also includes handling, running, kicking and positional rugby skills.


Image: Michael Ridge

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