Quiz nights in Hatfield are an excuse to go out with friends, stretch one’s trivia knowledge and possibly win some free drinks at the end of the night.

Altum hosts its quiz night every Wednesday at 19:00. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. There is chalkboard paint
on the walls to allow the bar’s patrons to leave messages or drawings. So for those with an artistic inclination, or anyone who wants to make sure the world knows that their team won, the space is open to grab some chalk and leave a mark. The quiz requires a good team name to enter – creative wordplay (and bad puns) are highly encouraged. The quiz is structured into rounds of ten questions, and the winners of each round receive free shots. The grand prize is a R500 bar tab that goes to the team whose general knowledge is strong enough to take first place overall. For those who think they can truly excel, there is even a leaderboard of teams who score the highest.

Though it makes for a great night out, Altum does more than just host weekly quiz nights. Situated in central Hatfield, Altum opened its doors in February, aiming to be the new hotspot for students. It has a bar, vape lounge, two nightclubs and an open courtyard that turns into a dancefloor on the weekends, ensuring that whether one is looking for a wild night out or a more relaxed environment, Altum has multiple options. They also take safety very seriously; the parking area is fully secured, and security is available throughout the venue to ensure that all patrons have a safe, and enjoyable experience. Altum also hosts their own festival every month, AltumFest, which features thrift stores, food stalls, live bands and several DJs. As a new student spot that caters to all kinds of events, Altum has something for everyone.

Images: Cletus Mulaudi

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