Speed is crucial to many athletes’ success and contributes to competitiveness and drive. Athletes like Luxolo Adams work to develop ways to improve records on their speeds and times they have set in competitions and in training, often adapting their approach to their sport.

Adams, from TuksAthletics, a 200-metre sprinter, won the 100 metres event in a time of 10.07 seconds at Potchefstroom earlier in March. In 2018 at the Athletics World Cup, held in London, he won a silver medal and featured a best time of 20.01s.

Luxolo’s achievement comes after Athletics South Africa Sprint Coach, Paul Gorries, told him to compete as a 100 metre sprinter instead of his usual 200 metre sprint. In a news article published by the High Performance Centre, Gorries explained that he “told [Luxolo] that [they] need the 100 metres to give [us] what [we] want in the 200 metres. He needs to work on his speed. So [we] converted him to a 100 metre-sprinter. The fact that he ran 10.07s shows there are good things to come”. Gorries also considers this as a way to prepare Luxolo and other athletes for the Tokyo World Olympic Games, which are set to commence in July this year.

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